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“Taking OX Endurance Formula significantly helps me in my performance. It gives me endurance to excel in competition and free surfing. OX is a great product and I recommend it to anyone who wants an extra edge.”

Giovani Cervantes (Professional Stand Up Paddler)

“Took OX this morning before my surf session and noticed incredible increase in my paddling power and stamina. I managed to surf for three hours and still had enough endurance to power through my afternoon workout. It mixes really well and has a light refreshing taste, without all the sugar. Great product!”
Shon Nall (Personal Trainer) Newport Beach, CA

“My experience with OX Endurance Formula was amazing to say the very least. I took the OX stick pack prior to one of the most enduring Tough Mudders in the country which consisted of 12 miles and 30 obstacles. Without going through too much detail and a play by play of the race, my energy level was at a peak for roughly two and a half hours of the course. My stamina was noticeably different as well. By in large, I would recommend anyone who is looking for that extra edge in energy within his or her workout or endurance based activity, to try this product.”
Will Pettus (Corpus Christi, TX)

“OX Endurance Formula gives me the fuel I need to increase my endurance during races. I look forward to taking it before all my competitions.”
Bicho Jimenez (Professional Stand UP Paddler)

“As a division 1 collegiate athlete and summer time surf instructor, I am always looking for a way to keep up my energy level. OX Endurance Formula is a healthy alternative with functional ingredients that helps keep me going whether on the soccer field or at the beach.”

Jenna Sabin (San Clemente, CA)